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"The Secretary of War desires that I tender his deep sympathy to you in the loss of your husband Captain Robert B. Ware." (Telegram to Mrs. Ware, 8/5/1944)

   Robert Barnes Ware
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Robert Ware [1942]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: 104th Medical Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division
Service Location: Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia; Florida; England; Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Rank: Captain
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Unlike many who fought, Captain Robert Barnes Ware did not wait to be drafted, or enlist following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Forgoing an internship at Lynchburg General Hospital, he volunteered for the Virginia National Guard in 1940 and was assigned to the Army's 104th Medical Battalion. On D-Day, he chose to launch with one of the first waves of the invasion, instead of waiting for the beach to be cleared, and was killed while attempting to disembark from his landing craft. Official correspondence from the military about his death was slow in coming: a telegram confirming his status as killed in action did not arrive until August 5th, nearly two months after D-Day. His collection--with letters sent between Ware and his wife, as well as official military correspondence relating to life insurance and benefits--conveys the devastating emotional and financial impact on families when a servicemember is killed in action.

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 Official Documents (13 items)
Telegram notifying Robert Ware of his promotion to Captain Medical Corps [4/13/1942] Special Orders #60 [5/11/1940] Personal Report of Reserve Officer [blank]
Orders appointing Robert B. Ware a 1st Lieutenant [6/4/1940] Special Orders #115 [5/16/1941] Report of Physical Examination [7/9/1941]
Application for National Service Life Insurance Policy Special Orders #150 [6/11/1942] Last will and testament of Robert Barnes Ware [9/16/1942]
Letter from Major General T. B. Larkin informing Mrs. Ware of the burial location of her husband [ 7/18/1946] Notice of settlement of claim of pay and allowances for Mrs. Ware's deceased husband [10/8/1945] Notice of settlement of National Service Life Insurance claim [10/20/1944]
Letter from Brigadier General Edward Witsell to Mrs. Ware, including a copy of General Orders #73 in which Robert Ware's regiment was cited for outstanding performance of duty [12/8/1944]  
 Personal Correspondence (24 items)
Letter to wife from Robert Ware [12/9/1941] V-mail from Robert Ware to his wife [2/1/1943] V-mail from Robert Ware to his wife [4/13/1943]
Telegram Valentine Greeting from Robert Ware to his wife [2/14/1942] Telegram to his wife on Mother's Day from Robert B. Ware [n.d.] Letter from Robert Ware to his wife [n.d.]
Letter from Robert Ware to his wife [n.d.] Telegram from Robert Ware to his wife [n.d.] Christmas telegram from Robert Ware to Dr. Reuben Ware [n.d.]
Letter from Robert Ware to his wife [6/3/1943] Postcard from Robert Ware to his wife [1/11/1944] V-mail to Mrs. G. N. Wood from Robert Ware [2/16/1944]
Letter from his wife to Robert Ware [6/4/1944] Father's Day card from Robert Ware's son, Bob [6/5/1944] Greeting card to Robert Ware from his wife [6/5/1944]
Telegram informing Mrs. Ware that her husband has been MIA since June 6, 1944. Letter from Major General J. A. Ulio, confirming Robert Ware's MIA status [7/20/1944] Telegram to Mrs. Ware from "Vernon" expressing condolences [8/5/1944]
Telegram to Mrs. Ware from the Adjutant General on behalf of the Secretary of War, reporting Robert B. Ware killed in action [8/5/1944] Letter from J. A. Ulio, the Adjutant General, to Mrs. Ware confirming Robert Ware's status as killed in action [8/8/1944] Letter from the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, informing Mrs. Ware of the posthumous award of the Purple Heart to Robert B. Ware [11/7/1944]
Letter from Brigadier General G. A. Horkan to Mrs. Ware, including a photograph of the United States Military Cemetery at St. Laurent, France [1/29/1947] Letter from Major Richard B. Coombs to Mrs. Ware regarding the disposition of her husband's remains [5/2/1947] Letter from Major General H. Feldman to Mrs. Martha W. Ware informing her that her husband has been permanently laid to rest in France [4/15/1949]
 Other Materials (2 items)
Biographical information Essay: "If you have lost a son" by Dr. A. W. F. Blunt 

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  October 26, 2011
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