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 To Wife: Wilma Ogata May 10, 1944

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11 May 44

Hi Darling,

Well sweetheart I can't find anything fitting for a Mother's Day Present - can't even find a card. Heck of a situation.

Start wearing Khakis here on the 15th if I'm still here + I probably will be. Am not on the alert yet - quite a few of the fellows are.

Have been catching night details about every other night - don't care much for that even if we don't do much work. Have had 2 nice days for a change but it's windy as the dickens night now.

This killing time, having nothing constructive, is very boring - am itching to fly some more - but then I'll probably be sick of flying before it's all over.

Can't get a three day pass that's out. I could get a pass every night if you lived in Lincoln, but the hell of it is - I never know when I'll get alerted - chances are it'd be the day you got here + I wouldn't get to see you then. John Rutts wife got here day before yesterday he tells me. He's a funny kid - never said a thing about it till yesterday. He's hoping he'll stay here long - he isn't too hot on going to combat. I think we better wait for OTU since our finances are not good. Damn I hope I get Sioux City if I get sent to some of the others - the chances of our finding a place to live is nil + by damn that better not be

Well pootie I guess I better get ready to go to supper + mail this letter to you. Incidentally I love you very very much + pray we'll be together very very soon.

Love from your hubby


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 To Wife: Wilma Ogata May 10, 1944

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