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 To Wife: Wilma Ogata May 15, 1944

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15 May 44

Hi Darling

I talked to the girl I love about an hour ago. I'm gonna ask her to go steady pretty soon.

About your riding a coach - that's a damn nice gesture but very foolish - it's tiresome enough riding a Pullman. Be sure and buy a box lunch at stopover when you can as you only get breakfast + supper if your lucky. The meals are usually a dollar sometimes .75 - And you EAT young lady, you might just as well get used to paying those prices - we'll no doubt be paying them regularly after we get together.

I suggest you get travelers cheques with the most part of your money, so they can't be stolen, and I suggest you bring all the dough you can get your hands on instead of that $140 you anticipated on. As soon as you hear from me, wire me about $50, I might need it for furlough money (idle dream) or rather if I can find a place I'd best rent it quick.

Got some large envelopes so that mom can forward the allotment checks or any mail you might get at home.

That telephone call set me back $3.25 + I didn't remember to tell you a thing! Please take care of that call.

Leave Teddy Jr. at home + any thing that you do not absolutely have to have - Baggage is a heck of a problem nowadays, + the less you have - the better. Don't forget to check your baggage on your ticket, it will only cost for whatever you insure it for then. Of course hold out what you might use while on the train, ticket articles, stockings, clothing change. And keep away from those smooth wolves I hope!

I understand (this is not verified of course) that we are going to Tuczon [sic.], Arizona (my God). Wherever it is - it'll be way west or way souht or both (way sweetheart - [corney?]?)

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 To Wife: Wilma Ogata May 15, 1944

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  October 26, 2011
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