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De Atlantische Wereld Home >> Over de site >> Acknowledgments
The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands is made possible through the Library of Congress's collaborative efforts with the National Library of the Netherlands and the institutions participating in their Memory of the Netherlands project. Special thanks to Carolyn T. Brown, Acting Director of Area Studies, for her support and continuing efforts in the development of Global Gateway digital projects.

European Division:

John Van Oudenaren: Chief, European Division; Global Gateway Project Manager; and Project Director for The Atlantic World.

Sam Manivong, digital conversion specialist, Collections and Services, serves as current project leader. Lisa Lee, Collections and Services, served as project leader for the original online collection.

Mike Neubert: Reference Specialist and Area Studies Digital Conversion Team Leader.

Eric Solsten: Reference Specialist.

Additional Assistance provided by other members of the Area Studies Digital Conversion Team:

Sandra Bostian
Sam Manivong
Robin Taylor
Olga Smirnova
Marco Samayoa

Koninklijke Bibliotheek:

Els van Eijck, Deputy Director
Dirk Tang
Michel Koppelaar
Astrid Verheusen

Chantal De Jonge Oudraat
Karel Wennink
Elmer Eusman
Marten Hofstede, Leiden University Library

Many Library of Congress staff have been instrumental in the preparation, description, and processing of materials for The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands. Those whose efforts made this project possible include the following:

Digital Production Staff:

Geography and Map Division
John Hebert, Chief
Colleen Cahill-Stumbaugh
Gene Roberts
Diane Schug-O'Neill
Lisa M. Cope
Richard H. Antonisse
Patrick Shepler
Huong O'Connell

Manuscript Division
Gerard W. Gawalt

Rare Book & Special Collections Division
Mark Dimunation, Chief
Gerald Wager
Elizabeth Gettins

Cataloging Division
Dave Reser
Caroline Arms

Alan Haley
Hans Wang

Digital Conversion Editorial Team
Jurretta Jordan Heckscher
Andrea Matles Savada

Legal Counsel
Michael Hughes

Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) Data Team
Elizabeth Madden
Christa Maher
Timberly Wuester
Michelle Adams

Information Technology Services (ITS) Programming Team
Mary Ambrosio
David Woodward
Tim Harker

OSI Web Design Team
Andrea Dillon
Vicki Fortuno
Lola Pyne
Tracey Salley

ITS Digital Scan Center
Karl Rogers
Lloyd Carter
Andrew Cook
Courtney Whisenton

Other Library of Congress Staff
Martha Anderson
Deborah Thomas
Domenic Sergi
Lynn Brooks
Steve McCollum
Ardie Bausenbach