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The New Netherland Project
Sponsored by the New York State Library and the Holland Society of New York, the New Netherland Project publishes Dutch colonial documents, promotes scholarship on the early Dutch presence in North America and offers Marcurius, a quarterly newsletter available in print and online. The site also provides an informative virtual tour of New Netherland, a bibliography of relevant books, an online bookstore, and an extensive list of links to related sites.

The Holland Society of New York
The Web site of the Holland Society of New York, an organization founded to collect information about the settlement and history of New Netherland, provides information about the society, its activities and publications, and links to related sites.

New Netherland Museum
Includes much information about the Half Moon, a replica of the ship that Henry Hudson used to explore North America, information about the history of New Netherland (in both English and Dutch), and numerous links to related sites.

The People of Colonial Albany Live Here
The Web site of the Colonial Albany Social History Project, sponsored by the New York State Museum, provides information about the people of colonial Albany and their world and especially about the cityÍs Dutch founders, with numerous illustrations and links to related sites.

The United States of America and the Netherlands
This site is part of an extensive ongoing online project about American history sponsored by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The text was written by Groningen professor George M.Welling, a project supervisor, and deals with relations between the Netherlands and the United States from the voyages of Henry Hudson up to the present.

Long Island Our Story
Sponsored by the New York newspaper Newsday, the site explores Long IslandÍs history from the earliest times to the present through text, images, maps, and audio reports and contains sections on Dutch settlement in the first half of the seventeenth century.