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The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection: Acknowledgments

Lewis Carroll Society Researchers:
Edward Wakeling generously supplied his time and expertise in developing and writing the special presentation, biography/chronology, timeline, and portrait gallery. He was also instrumental in identifying items within the scrapbook and compiling the notes for those items.
August Imholtz also generously gave of his time and expertise in identifying items within the scrapbook and compiling the notes for those items.

Rare Book & Special Collections Division:
Mark Dimunation, chief, provided guidance and conceptualization of the project.
Gerry Wager, head of Reference and Reader Services, helped to initiate the project and develop standards.

Rare Book Team:
Mark Alan Williams, digital conversion specialist, digital project leader, coordinated production of the online collection, coded the SGML files, and researched copyright.
Elizabeth Gettins, digital conversion specialist, digital team leader, provided guidance and expertise.

Division and Reading Room Staff:
George Chiassion, Tamikia Epperson, Clark Evans, Callie Mosley, David Robinson, and Walter Walden.

Library Services:
Deborah Thomas provided invaluable expertise and guidance.
Andrea Matles Savada edited all pages within this site.

Information Technology Services (ITS):
David Woodward for programming indexing, the display of the documents, and most notably, the special programming for the public version of the Web site.
Laura Graham provided direction for items needing SGML corrections.

Conservation Division:
Alan Haley, Lynn Kidder, and Maria Nugent prepared the scrapbook to ensure safe handling during scanning. They also coordinated and oversaw all conservation efforts in the project and completed treatments.

Library of Congress Digital Scan Center:
Joel Kaufman and Chris Pohlhaus for scanning the collection and preparing the digital images and Domenic Sergi for managerial support.

Office of Strategic Initiatives:
Caroline Arms helped resolve cataloging issues.
Christa Maher developed the project’s database, ensured the accuracy of the data, and provided much needed guidance.
Martha Anderson provided invaluable expertise and guidance.
Tracey Salley designed the collection Web pages and contributed to the composition of many presentation elements.
Steve McCollum and Michael Fitzella performed OCR and provided technical advice.

Cataloging Directorate:
Barbara Dash cataloged the scrapbook.

Office of General Counsel:
Michael Hughes and Emily Vartanian evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements.

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