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Meeting of Frontiers: The William C. Brumfield Collection

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From 19th-century carved window frame, Tiumen Regional Art Museum Tiumen', Russia to Church of Elijah the Prophet (1647-50), southwest view, Yaroslavl, Russia
From Church of Elijah the Prophet (1647-50), west entrance, with fresco of the Crucifixion, Yaroslavl', Russia to Church of the Epiphany (1684-93), east facade, with decorative ceramic tiles, Yaroslavl, Russia
From Church of the Epiphany (1684-93), interior, south wall with frescoes of scenes from the life of Christ (1692-93), Yaroslavl', Russia to Former Grand Hotel (1901-03), Irkutsk, Russia
From Former School of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Komsomol Prospekt #42 (early 20th century), Perm', Russia to Log house, Pushkin Street #13 (around 1900), Tobol'sk,Russia
From Log house, Raboche-Krestianskaia Street, #114, Eniseisk, Russia to Sol'vychegodsk, Arkhangelskaia oblast', Limestone decoration, Church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary
From South panorama of Tobol'sk kremlin, with cupolas of Cathedral of St. Sophia and Dormition (1681-86); the Treasury ("Swedish Chambers") (1712); and the cathedral bell tower (1794-97), Tobol'sk, Russia to Zhmakin house (1815), Viatka, Russia