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From An account of a geographical and astronomical expedition to the Northern parts of Russia : for ascertaining the degrees of latitude and longitude of the mouth of the river Kovima, of the whole coast of the Tshutski, to East Cape ; and of the islands in the eastern ocean, stretching to the American coast ; performed, by command of ... Catherine the Second, Commodore Joseph Billings, in the years 1785, etc. to 1794, Tafeln to Historia Fucorum
From Historisch-statistisches Gemaelde des Russischen Reichs am Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts und unter der Regierung Katharina der Zweyten, Atlas to Sammlung russischer Geschichte, Bd. 7, Stü;ck 1/2
From Sammlung russischer Geschichte, Bd. 7, Stü;ck 3/4 to Zoographia Rosso-Asiatica, sistens omnium animalium in extenso imperio Rossico et adjacentibus maribus observatorum recensionem, domicilia, mores et descriptiones, anatomen atque icones plurimorum / Auctore Petro Pallas, eq. aur. academico Petropolitano, Vol. 3